• LOON01: Loonie Bin - Dream Visions / Dream Version

LOON01: Loonie Bin - Dream Visions / Dream Version

Some special warehouse finds from the formerly unacknowledged Mood Hut affiliated record label, Loonie Bin Records. Celebrating the spirit of music found in the Loonie Bin (the Canadian dollar bin), the short lived label issued a couple hot platters before fading into the obscurity of real life digital dollar bins, as was it’s fate all along.

Dream Visions / Dream Version features two wildly different tracks using the same bed of MPC samples. Local Artist snuck into the studio after Aquarian Foundation had created Dream Vision to make his own version of the track. While the A side charges forward with a warped version of late aughts club sonics, the B side anticipates the now currently in style tech house reclamation mood in the clubbing underground. Originally released in 2015, these tracks still sound fresh to us today.