• LOON02: Loonie Bin - Muscle Mix / Nasty Mix

LOON02: Loonie Bin - Muscle Mix / Nasty Mix

Some special warehouse finds from the formerly unacknowledged Mood Hut affiliated record label, Loonie Bin Records. Celebrating the spirit of music found in the Loonie Bin (Canadian dollar bin), the short lived label issued a couple of hot platters before fading into the obscurity of real life digital dollar bins, as was it’s fate all along.

Muscle Mix was composed by the elusive Dolby J in Gold Room studios at Club 563 sometime during the early years of this decade. Recorded secretly by the studio engineer there, Dolby had no idea of its existence until it was premiered during one of the early Mood Hut parties, causing equipment to fall off the table. Featuring the unmistakeable preset sounds of the Ensoniq ESQ-1, this slamming (local) club hit graced many CD-Rs before being pressed on vinyl. The Gold Room studio engineer also took the liberty of recording their own remix, resulting in the Nasty Mix. The trunk rattler recalls early Kemo beats and other back pack rarities, taking us through the city parks and gas stations on the way to downtempo XTC.